Current position

Chair of Public Relations

Deputy Dean for scientific & Research Affairs

Winner of the Russian Federation Government Prise in Field of Journalism (2009);

Professor Emeritus, Kiev International University, Ukraine

Acting Member of the Intentational Science Academy of Public Relations;

EUPRERA member;

Winner of the International PR competition “Golden Sobol” (2011) – the best educational project in Public Relations;

Winner of the International PR competition “The White Wing” – the best Internet PR project (2009)

Winner of the International PR competition “Image directory” – the best PR project of the year (2009)

Acting journalist in Russian newspapers, TV, Radio.


Born 25.08.1956, St-Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia (USSR) 


  • Master of science (Physics) ) Leningrad State Technical University (1978);
  • Master of arts (Sociology) Leningrad State University (1990)
  • Ph.D (Economics) Institute for Social and Economical Problems of Soviet Academy of Sciences; Leningrad (1986);
  • Doctor of Science (habilitation) (Sociology) Sankt-Petersburg State University (1995);
  • Professor (Sociology) Sankt-Petersburg State University (2000);


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